Luxurious Care at Blenheim House, Melksham.

With care so much in the news it is always good to hear from dedicated people in the sector.

We spoke to Senior Team Leader Sally from Majesticare about Blenheim House, a care home with a great reputation, about her role………. 

Blenheim House

‘I have worked for Majesticare since 2007 as a home manager and now a senior team lead, and am currently based at Blenheim House. I am a registered nurse with 40 years’ experience, and have a masters’ level qualification in dementia studies. My job is to uplift the quality of life for people with dementia, by training, updating, advising, supporting and coaching people living, working and visiting the home. I love my job, the people I meet, and the different experiences each day brings! 

What is a typical day for people living at Blenheim House? 

People living at Blenheim House are expertly supported and every day is different, with a host of lifestyle choices, from trips out, to entertainment, or simply sitting in the garden or library. Our care incorporates our values of fun, family, trust, creativity and heart and is individually tailored for each person. Living with dementia can be difficult, and we recognise and value everyone for who they are, sharing the happy and the sad times along the journey. 

Family connections are so important, are families welcome to visit? 

Yes of course. We advocate families visiting as often as possible and we like to involve relatives in our training and day to day life at Blenheim. 

Blenheim House

Does Blenheim House offer respite care? 

We recognise that moving people around can be traumatic, and as such we do not tend to offer a respite facility in our memory care area, but we are happy to discuss and evaluate each request. 

With so many people suffering from dementia, what sort of care do you offer…. 

At Blenheim House we care for and support the whole family, not just the person living with a dementia. For people living in the community, we also have a regular memory care café which is open to the public, and we would welcome you to join us. 

Putting a loved one into care can be very traumatic, how can you help people to know that they have made the right choice? 

I think the best thing would be to ask people who already have family at Blenheim House. You are welcome to book a visit. You can also look at the website, which gives testimony from people whose loved ones are at Blenheim House. I can also advise, guide and support your move to Blenheim House, so please contact me if you need any help. I will be very happy to meet you!’